Why ortho mattresses are recommended by orthopedics?

Are you having trouble sleeping and your back is stiff even you slept for a good 8 hours? It is time to switch your mattress. Visit an orthopedic and ask for its recommendations but for a head-start, we are giving you all the information that you need to know before visiting your local retailer for ortho mattress.

Quick Look

Why look for ortho-mattress

Features of Ortho- mattress

Pros and cons

Researchers are working on orthopedic mattresses since the 1950s.  Studies show that these mattresses have therapeutic quality towards bad backs.

Why look for Ortho-mattress

  • To help you spread your body weight evenly
  • Support the joints, back and spine
  • Combat problems by tailoring arthritis patients
  • Improve and maintain posture during sleep
  • Minimize the pain on target areas
  • Reduce tenderness in injured joints
woman sitting on white bed while stretching

Features of ortho- mattress

  • Pocketed coil mattress with multiple firmnesses allow proper spinal alignment
  • Cool quilt technology adds additional cooling on the top layer of the mattress.
  • Ultra firm to the medium-soft mattress is for everyone. People usually love their experience.
  • Spring guage of 12.5 in ortho mattress is designed to reduce stress on the back.
  • High-quality support foam is available beneath therapeutic memory foam.

These features vary with the brand and kind of mattress you choose. Savvy sleepers provide more information about their collection and styles.

Pros and Cons of Ortho Mattress

Like every other thing, ortho mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your medical condition but below we try to help you out by listing the pros and cons of orthopedic mattress.

            Benefits of Ortho Mattress

  • Optimum Push for a perfect sleep throughout the night.
  • Posture improves due to firm mattress
  • Targeted support  for your back
  • Ergonomic design: Even weight distribution prevent stress on pressure points
  • Correct spinal alignment allows alleviating stress

Drawbacks of Ortho Mattress

  • Price is a little high as compared to other regular mattresses
  • Quite heavy to lift and it is challenging to shift this bulky friend
  • Now regular mattresses are being marketed as ortho mattresses so it’s hard to find particular standard in some countries.
  • Does not have a bouncy effect


Final words

                I am personally using the Ortho mattress. Although it is hard, extra firm and heavy to move, it provides my back with all the care it needed. The sole reason for designing this mattress is to support people with back and joints issues. Many medical companies have come forward to carry on further research on its improvement. Modify and advance your slumber search through this mattress and enjoy the benefits of healthy sleeping. For more mattresses you can visit https://savvysleeper.org/mattress-reviews/

Stay healthy!